Z Timmins Inc. strives to provide a welcoming environment, where there is no judgement, and people of all ages, fitness levels and backgrounds can dance, sweat and smile together for one purpose – a healthier YOU, inside and out. We welcome you to learn more about us, join the party, and see why Z Timmins Inc. has become such a large family!
Michelle Lapointe (Director): Zumba®, Family Zumba®, Zumba® Kids, FLOW Instructor

Michelle has been passionate about dance and teaching others how to dance all her life! From the age of 7, she has been taking dance lessons and teaching her little sister all the moves she learned at class.

Esther Pelletier: Zumba®, POUND® Instructor

Esther Pelletier is a loving wife and mother to 2 beautiful children. She is certified in Zumba Basics 1 and 2 and absolutely loves to dance, work out, have fun, get fit, and really get into the music!

Jo Bélanger: STRONG by Zumba® Instructor

Meet Jo. She is fit, strong, energetic, enthusiastic, positive and very driven. How nice right? Well keep in mind that this was not acquired overnight!

Tracy Tull: Line Dancing Instructor

Once “empty nest” syndrome hit Tracy after Sam went away to college in 2015, Tracy knew she had to find a new interest to keep her busy. She has loved country music since a very young age and has always had an interest in line dancing but, it has only become a true passion of hers in recent years.